About us

Serving effectively since 2012, Karaerler Makine addresses the whole of Turkey with its 25 employees. Our company has set out with the slogan of "Healthy food comes out of quality machinery" and has been preferred by wide circles since its establishment thanks to its quality production. Karaerler Makine is actively producing with 6 CNC machines. All of the machines produced by our company are designed to work for many years. There is no need for spare parts in the machines produced. In this way, active use can be realized through machines that comply with food regulations.

Our company named Karaerler Makine works under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Our company, which holds the CE Certificate and Capacity Report, serves its customers with high service standards. A large number of ready and finished products come out of the factory where raw materials enter. For this reason, the manufacture of many products other than raw materials is carried out by Karaerler Makine.

The steels to be used in manufacturing are carefully selected by many expert personnel in our company. All of the main equipment used is purchased from world-renowned brands. In this way, the quality of the products manufactured by our company is at the highest level. Our company, which has made sales to hundreds of companies within the borders of Turkey, generally attaches importance to foreign exports. Our company, which serves 6 continents in total, is in constant communication with 60 countries.

With the ever-increasing export, the employment created by Karaerler Makine is also increasing, and thus, expert personnel are included in our company every day.